Asher Thomas

Promotional Photographer / Artist Management





Based in Boston, MA

A Bit About Asher

Hey! My name is Asher Thomas and I am an independent band and live performance photographer.


I have been surrounded by music my entire life and have always enjoyed performing. Despite the energy of being onstage, my comforts and strengths have found themselves immersed in the physical aspects of music that help bring the art form more to life.

This involves capturing stills of the energy within live performance, creativity and direction in music videos / promotional content, and of course all the little gaps in between that make music feel like it's more of a physical experience. This includes album art, lyric videos, show posters, or really anything that can add to the artists vision.


Aside from this I am also invested in band and artist management. This essentially includes where many artists struggle. Staying organized, booking shows, creating promotional content, etc.